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    What is the Meta Game of the Month?

    The meta game of the month is a board/card game like choose your own adventure where you run a company/faction/guild that messes with the true nerds that like to sit around a virtual table and use funny voices.

    What time commitment is required to be involved?

    Depends on how much you like to think, but ultimately just requires at least one forum post a week for the duration of an RPG. As one might deduce from the title of this, RPGs last one month at most.

    Can you give me an example what I might do?

    Sure! Each company/faction/guild will be given a list of actions they can choose to perform each week. You can perform as many actions as you have points accomplish. So you wanted an example? You might sabotage the drinking water of a town, rile up a group of rebels, request an assignation, launch a new product, run a marketing campaign, or finance a quest. A playbook of moves will be provided to you at the start of the game, and you will be asked how you would like to respond to game events in your forum post.

    How do you win a meta game?

    At the end of each week points are tallied and based on how the RPG people messed with or assisted your plan. As well as how your opponent Meta-gamers interacted with you.

    Will my actions directly affect the RPG players each week?

    Depends on what actions you choose, but it will affect them at some level, even if it’s just a news or gossip item they hear about.

    I'm sold how do I sign up?

    Open the [Meta Game] topic here on the forum and follow the instructions listed.

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