My Resignation Letter To HSTL

Discussion in 'Hostile General Discussion' started by Dr Coathanger, May 8, 2017.

  1. Dr Coathanger

    Dr Coathanger Veteran

    Some of you may have noticed my recent absence, for what matters my personal life is fine and I'm ok.
    However I've been using this time to myself to actually sit and think about my life, what I'm doing, and where I want to be in the coming years.
    The answer is an unknown honestly and I want to change that.

    I've been a part of HSTL in some form or another from the very first day, the first time three random squads of idiots linked up and became a force of screaming autists that took Space Australia and screeched endlessly about how they couldn't stop us.
    Unfortunately that also means I've had my hands in the dirty side of HSTL, the coups, the fights, bans, and more. I can tell all the dirt that we've endured because some way or another I've had a part in it.
    While I wish I could leave my legacy as HSTL's longest standing leader a shining example for others to look up to I failed in that regard and I'm sorry.
    I became burnt out and jaded, should have seen the warning signs and took a step back turning the wheel to another not compromised person while I reassessed myself. I failed to due my due diligence and verify facts told to me and I hurt people I called my friends badly.
    Simply put towards the end I fucked up, a lot.
    However there is a silver lining to it all, in the end I tried to do the right thing. I own my mistakes and while it may take a while to get back to them I'll do my best to right the wrongs, mend the fences, and give the apologies that people were owed following them up with the actions to prove my words sincere.

    At the end of the day though I need to start focusing on myself, improve my life, and maybe figure out a path that I'm ready to take.
    I'll still be around though, I'm not going to run off from HSTL screaming how I'm free.
    I'll still try to lead ops in PS2, shoot the shit with you losers, and shit up the place but instead I'll just be another veteran member of this dysfunctional family I love.
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  2. Cry

    Cry Veteran

    Sad to see! Hope you see you around!
  3. CruxCarnis

    CruxCarnis FNG

    Good ridd...errr I mean best of luck Doc!

  4. Dr Coathanger

    Dr Coathanger Veteran

    Don't worry bby imma do good and by that I mean expand my basement sex dungeon
  5. CruxCarnis

    CruxCarnis FNG

    I know, I'm already down here and I've been asking for more floor padding for a while now.

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