Overwatch Custom Game Nights!

Discussion in 'Event List' started by MilkyWayGalaxy, May 30, 2017.

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    Overwatch event banner.png

    Now that custom games have been out for a while, there have been some fun games mentioned on Reddit and games we have found in the arcade lobby I think we would all enjoy.
    Games this week will include: Ana paintball, ultimate sword fighting, the hidden, and more!
    (You will also get exp from completed rounds in arcade mode)

    Event Details
    • Sunday June 4th
    • 6pm - 7pm EST // 5pm - 6pm CST // 3pm - 4pm PST
    • Hope to see you there!
    Led by MilkyWayGalaxy, KingFrozt
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  3. KommanderK

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    Wait. Squidward in a chair is a new game mode in Overwatch?

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