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  1. Nyxpip

    Nyxpip FNG

    ".... robocock." ~murkle
    "robocock?" ~sylph
    "robocock." ~murkle

    "Hammer, what do you sexually identify as?" ~Talos
    "A tail rudder." ~aGrunt

    "Why do you keep coming all the way over here, Lebers?" -Nyx
    "Because you have THE crafting table." -Lebers

    "BICYCLE KICK" -Lebers

    "I contribudated!" -Murkle

    "fastest Eman's had to run is to the microwave when it beeps"- Nyx

    "He doesn't hate you, you just don't have boobs"- Nyx
    "...I can change" - Lebers

    "Go literally fuck yourself, 17 times with a sandpaper dildo you piece of shit." -Lebers

    "├žikolata is chocolate in Turkish" -Turk
    "├žikolata in my penisata" -Sylph

    "Welcome to Aloha Snackbar! We give you an explosion of flavor!" - Lebers and Teacherman

    *Grenigga joins TS*
    "The yarn looks like spaghetti and the period blood looks like meat sauce" - Lebers
    "WHAT?!" - Grenigga

    *kicked out of group chat* -Lebers

    "I don't like locker rooms because everyone sees my small dick."~Lebers

    "Lion is dildo" -Sylph
    "*whimpering* no no no no no no no...." - Turk

    "We're digesting fetal pigs in 2 weeks" - Turk

    "...There's instructions Miko, it's like building a lego!"~Grunt's brother on cakes

    "I'm saving my asshole for Jesus" - Sylph

    "I will take any hits for you my furry Master" - Sylph

    "What does the fox say~" Turk

    "What does the fox say?"~TurkOzan
    "Yiff, Yiff."~Radio
    "I'll touch your penis."~Grunt

    "I-" - Turk
    "Fuck me in the ass cuz I love Jesus~" Teacherman's Phone

    "Yeah I go to jail all the time CUZ I TAKE OFF MY LITTLE JEWISH HAT" - Lebers


    "We've got the luck of the best" - Murkle


    "Consecutive gay men" - Teacherman

    "...Kind of like a spear, but instead of a blade bit it's just a giant 8-inch jelly dildo."~Mother
    "I was thinking of a dragon one."~Sylph
    "Sign me up!"~Cry

    i bet vegans hate anal - Turk


    "Double torbjorn, time to make banana bread" ~Teacherman

    "I've told you a thousand times Murkle you can't have a shiny onion fairy" - Nyx

    "You got denied prom Queet" - Teacherman
    "QUEET" - Rumham
    "QUEET" -Nyx

    "QUEET" - Lebers

    "To assert my dominance I WOULD SHOVE ALL THE MUFFINS IN MY MOU-" Teacherman

    "E-H Sports, It's in Canada."~Lebers

    "WHAT?! Are you slapping my weiner right now?"~aGrunt

    "Oh, I thought it was going to stay up."~Radio
    "I get nervous in front of strangers."~Stabage
    "I don't have that problem."~Grunt

    Frozt: Well I just watched a guy fuck a McChicken

    "This double xp, double money weekend will ruin the economy of GTA online." -Tim
    "WHAT FUCKING ECONOMY?!!?!?" -Literally Everyone

    "Why can't I eat these flowers?" - Nyx
    "That 's like saying "Why can't I eat this table?" - Milky
    "That is not the same." - Nyx

    "Milky you fucking the old people now?" -Sylph
    "No she's jus-" - Nyx
    "Yeah I am" - Milky
    "Oh.." - Nyx

    "It's just old Hiddlediddly country music!!!" -Murkle
    "You mean hillbilly?" -Nyx
    "YEAH" -Murkle
    "But that's the best music to go on a killing rampage" -Nyx

    *Hanging halfway off a cliff in our rover* "THIS BITCH SIDEWAYS" -Murkle
    *Falls to her death* -Murkle

    "You can die from suffocating?" -Murkle
    "Yes" - Nyx
    "HOW?" -Murkle
    "...By not breathing..." -Nyx

    Overwatch In-game: 'overwatch isnt toxiz' -Redbush

    *Welcome to Costco, I love you*

    "Oh my god, they have plushies of all the organs there..." ~Blingles
    "Wait, what-" Teach/Sylph/Talos
    "I WANT THE UTERUS." ~Blingles

    "Listen! Pretend you're Matrix." ~Talos

    "Hey, dickless!" ~Talos
    -One silent minute later-
    "...Are you talking to me?" ~Blingles

    "Is this the Pokemon game with Exodia in it?" ~Talos

    "I wanna be the angry eggs and the down syndrome coconut one!" ~Talos

    "Talos, if you were a Pokemon, who would you be?" ~Teacherman
    "I dunno... probably some fire-type. What's that one with the ballsack on his head that looks like a duck?" ~Talos
    "Oh, Magmar!" ~Teacherman
    "Yeah, Magmar! The Hitler of fire-types!" ~Talos

    "Murph, are you playing Pokemon too?" ~Hammer
    "Pokemon 2? They finally made a sequel? I've been waiting for one since '92!" ~Murph


    "Lady, your cosmic cotton candy fucker is getting attacked" - Nyx

    "Professor Kiwi" -Murkle

    "I don't want a fucking memelord Navi in my pokedex" -Nyx

    "Machamp is the good" - Murkle & sylph

    "Wait, he was a trial-grower?" - Murkle
    "trial-grower???" - Sable

    "I think the shape of the butt, not the size of the butt, is more important." ~Nyxpip

    "Murph, I've been asked to move you against your will." ~Kommander
    "I refuse! I'm like the woman on the bus." ~Murph
    "You mean Rosa Parks?" ~Nyx
    "Yep." ~Murph

    "seeming or said to be true or real but very possibly not true or real" ~murkle (define: ostensible)

    "an amputee?" ~sylph

    "no, they swallow" ~murkle

    "so what do you think the definition of a river is? is is a body of water, or does it hold a body of water?" ~tim
    "WHHHAAATTTTTT" ~sylph

    "Teacherman, you're a fashionista, right?" ~Tim
    "Nope." ~Teach
    "Oh, okay ... HEY MOM!" ~Tim

    *at 12:30am" sylph to redbush "I'd fuck you."
    "groans from redbush and turk can be heard immediately"

    "I wish I was fucking dick, yes" ~Redbush

    "The packaging alone is 40lbs" -Nyx
    "Can I get it raw?" -Redbush

    "It's huge. I don't even know where you would put that..."~Nyx

    "Sexy farm animals. Why would i move away from that?"~Sylph

    "the gays" ~ sylph

    "I voted for myself" - Murph

    "Oh but I like Tom Holland he was the cute..I mean good spiderman" - Sylphate

    "Becky, lemme smash!" ~Murkle
    "I'ma save rice boy!" ~Nyx

    "That was ear rape." ~Sylph
    "Hehe ... rape." ~Teacherman

    "I start school tomorrow" ~Teacherman
    "Oh yea? Me too!" ~Frozt
    "Yeah! We did it! High five"
    *Teach claps in the mic, Frozt slaps his face accidently*

    <17:16:15> "GeneralRedBush": but the boobs and sex
    <17:16:26> "GeneralRedBush": Orisa
    <17:16:39> "GeneralRedBush": the ussr 500

    "Don't fly United, just fuckin fly Grovic!" ~ talos

    "Weenie Hut Jr. lookin motherfuckers" ~ talos

    "I got my weed account unbanned" ~Grovic

    "0/10, Can't ride an Ostrich. Breath of the Wild is a terrible game" -Murkle

    "Does all David do is come to your house, lay on the couch, and read memes at you?" ~Nyx to Teach
    *voice in the distance* "I am on the floor!" ~David

    "Are you a thicc boi?"-Murkle

    "I wanna be a cherry blossom!" ~Murkle

    "I appreciate the loli abuser." ~sylph

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