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    Over the last few months HSTL has been deciding on where to move with the website. More recently we obtained the things we needed to make it all happen. So here is the brand new website, run on Xenforo. We have made a full re-route from WordPress. This means that all users must sign up on the website once again.

    With this new website we have a lot of new features which are listed here:
    • Re-Designed Forums
      • New Forum Nodes
      • Special Report Node
    • New 'Modern' Style
      • Version 1.0.1
    • Updated User Messaging and Profile System
    • Updated Notification System
    • Achievement Points
    • Basic Ratings
    • Newly designed About & Join Us Pages
    • Ranking System with Rank Portraits

    I hope that everyone, new and old, enjoy's their time on the new website!
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